Being a kid sucks.// Open

The first week of school was the worst week of school. Even though Gwen wasn’t supposed to use pseudo-curse words, she secretly called it Hell Week. All of the girls wore their high-ponytails and nice dresses and skirts, except her. Gwen was automatically labeled as the Latchkey Kid of the class, with her too-big jeans that had the holes in the knees and tennis shoes that were a size too big, since she’d yet to grow into them; the only jewelry she wore was the key around her neck. Her shirt, however, was nice. It was new, for this school year. A dark black t-shirt (that hadn’t faded) with a purple skull over her heart on the front and back. She sat in the back of the class, her chestnut brown braids brushing the top of the desk. It was recess, but she wasn’t supposed to go outside. She’d gotten in trouble for pulling a blonde girl’s hair yesterday and lost recess privileges for the week (and gotten a pretty nasty scratch from the other nine-year-old’s stick-on nails on her cheek). First week of school, and she was already the weird bad kid. There was somebody else in the classroom with her, though. She didn’t know them, and didn’t really want to. However, they came and sat beside her, anyways.

"Go away," She said quietly, hesitantly. Her carving on the desk paused as her dark brown eyes shifted to this unfamiliar classmate. Whether they had gotten in trouble or just didn’t want to go to recess, she didn’t care.